I did quantum mechanics from 7 am to like 1:30 am yesterday. Pulled outthe Farlow PDE book at one point in the evening for some sexual healing about separation of variables since, like, yeah, I know how to do separation of variables I’ve done it a gazillion times now but it’s been so long since I’ve had PDE I forgot a lot of nuances (that Griffiths is trash and is just like “and we’ll do this it’ll work out just trust me” THAT TELLS ME /NOTHING/ BRAH) and well anyway
This is where I ended up
So… that’s pretty interesting
Definitely nobody run off taking this page as actual facts or anything because this bit of intuition is very much a work in progress that’s got a lot of refining and fact checking to do (like the n*pi shit, I’m using that as a placeholder for now so nobody come yell at me for being wrong or anything)

But, hey, I’m getting somewhere finally at least.

Also I realized last night that I can totally just watch video lectures on my TV while I’m nesting in my study nest oh shit guuuuuuuuurl

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