More Jo Niemeyer.

I am so loving this artist’s work. The top gif is a generalization of the 2nd image, another of his constructions of the Golden Ratio. It turns out there are plenty of interesting values besides the Golden Ratio formed from these three squares, and many patterns. I also included the locus of a few vertices because they were interesting, too.

The last three images are more of Niemeyer’s art. The first two are from hisGolden Construktions page (go look because there is a lot of amazing stuff there), and the last is his piece from the 2011 Bridges Math/Art Exhibition. (Guess the ratio of white to black. He envisioned this as a fair darts game! Explanation at the Bridges site.)

If I have time I’ll do one more piece, because he has a great Pythagorean/Golden Section piece.

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